How it started

Firsttime in valtho on the slopes
After a few visits to Val Thorens, for snowboarding, Pim wanted to visit Val Thorens on his motorbike. On a rainy day in June 2008 he was situated in Oz en Oisans, for holiday, and drove to Val Thorens on his Kawasaki ZZR 600. Although the weather was very rainy he made it to the Portette chairlift. Going further wasnít a good idea, the ZZR was a sportsbike with sport tires, not the ideal combination for offroad driving, and the weather was getting worse. Time to go back to Oz en Oizans.
Richard Jumping In 2009 Pim and Richard went to Val Thorens for the first time. Team was born! In 2010 and 2011 we kept on talking about doing our snowboard holiday on a motorbike. The first idea was doing it with a side car. That idea was thrown away very early. There was only one bigger problem. Richard had no license to drive a motorbike, and also he did not have a motorbike.
na de proefrit door Pim In September 2011 Richard passed his driving test and finally got his driving license. He had allready bought a motorbike. A Suzuki DL1000 V-strom. The same as Pim. To get some driving experience we went on a trip through Europe for 11 days.

Watch the videos from our Eurotrip

Watch the photos of our Eurotrip

at 3000 metres During this trip we planned 1 day to visit Val Thorens on our V-Stromís. After visiting te deserted village we decided to visit the slopes on our motorbikes. Google maps had told us it was possible to drive from Val Thorens to Orelle, so we decided to give it a try. After the green and blue slopes, which were still in the sun, we had to drive some steep offroad paths which began to a bit slippery. The higher we got, the more more snow there was around us. Finally we reached the top of the Combe de RosaŽl at 3000 metres. We drove down to Orelle over the blue and red slopes which were very steep. After 29 kilometres of offroad driving, 700 metres uphill and 2200 metres downhill, we reached the village of Orelle.

After this trip we decided to give our plans, to do our snowboarding trip on our motorbikes, a real GO!